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Explore how LEADS is dedicated to empowering communities, fostering sustainable development, and building a brighter tomorrow for all. Join us in creating positive change and making a lasting impact in Sri Lanka.

About Us

Our Story and Commitment

LEADS stands as a beacon of hope in Sri Lanka, driven by the mission to forge safer environments and prosperous opportunities for the nation’s youth. With a firm dedication to this cause, we meticulously design and execute an array of impactful programmes. Our multifaceted approach not only focuses on safeguarding children but also extends to empowering communities, swiftly responding to emergencies, and pioneering initiatives aimed at fostering positive societal transformation.

At LEADS, our ethos is rooted in proactive engagement and holistic support. We recognize the interconnectedness of social challenges and thus, our initiatives are designed to address them comprehensively. Through collaborative efforts and strategic interventions, we endeavour to uplift communities, instill resilience in times of crises, and catalyse sustainable change that benefits every child and family across Sri Lanka.

Our Story and Commitment

Making a Difference

Discover how LEADS is making a difference through our focused efforts in four key areas


Safeguarding Children

Our primary focus is on protecting and nurturing the well-being of children. Through specialised programmes and interventions, we provide support and care for children who have experienced abuse or neglect, ensuring their safety and restoring their dignity.


Empowering Communities

We believe in the strength of communities to drive their own development. By empowering local residents with knowledge, resources, and opportunities, we enable them to create sustainable solutions to address challenges and improve their quality of life.


Responding to Emergencies

In times of crisis and disaster, we are there to provide immediate relief and support to affected communities. Our emergency response teams deliver essential aid, including food, shelter, and medical assistance, while also offering psychosocial support to help individuals cope and recover.



We initiate and lead special projects that address specific needs and challenges within our society. From environmental conservation efforts to substance abuse prevention programmes, we tackle issues head-on, working collaboratively with stakeholders to achieve positive outcomes and create lasting change.

LEAD’S Impact

Districts Currently Served and Future Expansion

Explore LEADS’ footprint across Sri Lanka and our ambitious plans for future expansion. Our interactive map showcases the districts where we are currently making a difference, alongside areas where we aspire to extend our reach. Join us in our journey to create safer spaces and brighter futures for all children across the nation.

Support a Cause

Empower Change

Join us in our mission to create positive change by contributing to our donation fundraiser.

Sponsor a Child

Child Sponsorship

Join LEADS in safeguarding the futures of vulnerable children who are survivors of child abuse. Your donation provides vital psycho-social support, legal aid, and logistical needs, ensuring these brave children have the resources they need to rebuild their lives. Contribute $12 (LKR 3,750) per month to make a lasting impact. Donate now to sponsor a child’s journey to healing and empowerment.

Back to School

Back To School

Many families in Sri Lanka struggle to afford basic school supplies for their children, such as exercise books, uniforms, and shoes. With your generous support, LEADS aims to address these needs and ensure every child has the necessary tools to start the school year confidently. Join us in making a difference today.

Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving

Support survivors of child abuse, vulnerable communities, and women-headed households with LEADS Legacy Fund. Your contribution helps rebuild lives and break the cycle of abuse and poverty in Sri Lanka. Consider including LEADS in your legacy or will today.

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