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We have used temporary toilet facilities for last few years. My husband is working as a labour in a gem mine. He is not have stable income and some days my father support us on our daily needs. My father is a masonry and he is helping me on the construction.
Posted By: Maheshika
23 years and mother of 2 year old child
I am content with life now. After years of sadness, I am finally independent. I am able to take care of my family and help others, too. What more does anyone want?
Posted By: Anonymous
In our village every house women are scared at the time their husbands come home. They come drunk. Even the children are scared. After Leads came to our village we spoke to them regarding our problems they worked on the problem and made us aware of the situation, went on drug walk and now we have peace.

Our children have a lot of knowledge now they can do higher studies. Our children gave stickers during the walk, it’s about the peace of the family, by seeing these stickers our men has changed. Now my elder son is in Colombo, young one is small but he has a good knowledge. I think that all of these changes happened because of Leads.

If I see people sell drugs in our village I use to inform the police because of that the villagers started to scold me, so I stopped coming for society meetings. After that Leads staff spoke to me and police went to the houses that sell drugs. Leads staff gave me good support on that.
Posted By: Vijtha Mallika
Our village is not the same as in the past, drug addicted are less. We had eight children addicted to drugs, Police briefed us about drugs and antidrug walk and now our children are living a good life.

The organization has done a good thing by giving us water. The water is salty and when our children drink water they get stomach aches. The Government has promised to give us water I don’t know when that will happen.
Posted By: Kusumalatha

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