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My child is sixteen years old he has taken responsibility to take the young children to school by bicycle. I keep my phone in the hand to call them whether they are safe and would they have been able to go to school safely. I spent Rs.4,000/- per month to go to school. I keep my children and their education first.

When they build the harbour everybody came to this village for seminars told us to teach our children English and don’t think to send our children to paddy fields.There are competitive even from the young age. In the past we just left our children but now we are keen about their education
Posted By: Anula
I drive my own tractor & plough the land. I plan & manage my own business. I have 9 men working for me and I help them in their own development. None of this would have been possible without the help of LEADS and Navajeevana. I owe them much gratitude” says Mayilvahanam.”
Posted By: Mayilvahanam Koneaswaran
Kopalapuram, Trincomalee
After this workshop I became more aware of who I am, what my thoughts are, and how I can solve my problems. I also felt much more confident about my life. I would like if you continue this program to help others like me
Posted By: A Member
Capacity Building Training For The Members Of The Armed Forces
As a result of this training, I learned many new and important lessons about life. You taught us how fear can influence every moment. How it can affect our confidence and prevent us from achieving our target. We also learned about health & looking after ourselves, about respect & how to behave with others. Thank you for answering to our questions
Posted By: A Member
Capacity Building Training For The Members Of The Armed Forces

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Today, almost 22 years later, it still remains one of the few organizations wholly dedicated to working with and for children who have been traumatized through experiences.... + learn more