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One Team: One Dream

Two hundred and eighty Muslim and Tamil children from three villages in Trincomalee participated in LEADS’ One Team One Dream program on Saturday, September 3.


Divided into four houses; the children played in the hot sun. Led by volunteers from YFC (Youth For Christ), these children competed in houses in activities throughout the day.  A crowd favorite activity was when the children in groups of four had to walk on wooden planks in unison.  Other teammates walked alongside the competitors, cheering them on and calling out “right, left” until they found their rhythm.  When the games were over, the blue house was declared the winner, but every participant was given a gift for their contribution to building unity between the communities. 


As the sun went down. the last children left Nawatcholai Grounds, exhausted but with smiles on their faces.  They carried new exercise books, wore a wrist band of their house’s colour, and had made new friends from surrounding villages.  More than the gifts the children were given, they also left with newfound friendships and having taken a crucial step towards reconciliation in Trincomalee. 

Monday, 05 September 2016

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