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We at Leads mourn and grieve with all those affected by the 2019 Easter Sunday bombing and terror attacks on churches and hotels. We condole with all those that suffered loss and weep for our land. The shock and intensity of pain has been national. We are concerned at the de-stability and uncertainty it has caused to all of us. The impacts of this insecurity has and will undoubtedly have an impact on the economy and the journey of recovery we have been making as a nation. We stand committed to continuing our work of restoration in the lives of children and families, individuals and communities affected by this tragedy. We will and are working collaboratively and in partnership in response to this national crisis.

Do join us to restore beauty from ashes and comfort for mourning and hope for tomorrow. Every step counts...


Leads Response

  • Psycho social first aid and long term psycho social assistance to children and their families directly affected by the attacks,
  • Provision of medical supplies to hospitals
  • Non-food relief items to displaced asylum seekers evicted from their rental premises
  • Long term support to affected families supporting them in the process of returning to normalcy.
  • Trainings for befrienders and counsellor and awareness programs for schools and community

Please note given the context these needs may vary on a case by case basis depending on the needs assessment.




Support to Survivors of the Easter Sunday Tragedy

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