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pic 2019Alongside the large-scale development projects such as the Mattala airport, the harbour, golf resorts and the highways of Hambantota, rural communities live a hand-to-mouth existence and battle with various socio-economic difficulties to eke out a living. The community of Mausirigama had an additional problem. The water in their wells and waterways was unfit for consumption. In an attempt to filter the impurities from this life source, mothers would daily strain pots of water and boil it so as to make it safe for their children. However, this gruelling process was insufficient and those who consumed the water would fall ill. The plight of the village heightened when a child from the community was diagnosed with a kidney-related illness.

Since 2012, LEADS has been working closely with the community of Mausirigama, with the aim of elevating the living standards of the villagers. The specially designed Child-Centred Community Development programme implemented in Mausirigama by LEADS, empowers impoverished families and the community as a whole to create a conducive environment and better opportunities for the children. Through this programme, the villagers receive training and guidance to identify the pressing needs in their community which impede their development. The intensifying issue with regard to access to potable water was one of the greatest issues affecting the community of Mausirigama and the villagers brought this issue to the notice of LEADS through its regional coordinators.

In partnership with JLUN Trading Services, LEADS was able to gift a reverse osmosis water purification unit to the community of Mausirigama. Towards this water purification unit, a well and a housing unit for the water plant were also constructed for the community. This system purifies around 160 litres of water per day, filtering all harmful substances such as mud, chlorine, high levels of iron and other impurities that can make the water unsuitable for consumption. The 40 families benefiting through this unit are now able to purchase potable water for a cost as low as LKR 2 (USD 0.011) per litre. The monies earned from the purchase of purified water are collected by a village committee who will oversee the maintenance and administration of the unit.

pic 2019 thumNimal proudly looked on as his son, clad in a white national suit, welcomed the chief guests at the opening ceremony of the water purification unit on Saturday, 6 July 2019. He was among those who clapped the loudest when his son assisted the invitees to open the faucet and watched happily as pure water gushed out into the container beneath it. Nimal, his wife and his two sons live nearly half a kilometre away from the water purification unit. Before the installation of this unit, Nimal would walk for nearly 4 kilometres to the Andarawewa area to collect water which was safe for his family’s consumption. “This unit is very valuable to us as I had to walk 4 kilometres to the nearest tap line in Andarawewa where I would have to pay 20 rupees for a can of water” said Nimal. Time and money are very valuable assets for Nimal who is a farmer like most other villagers. This unit not only helps him access safe water for his family but also saves his time and money. “I am very happy that our village received this water purification system. LEADS has also helped my children and supported me in my farming by helping me purchase a watering system.”

In response to this situation, we are collaborating to provide immediate support to these communities. We are working to uphold their basic rights by providing care packs for families and activity packs for children, with psycho social support to the survivors and community to follow.

Today, 35 years later, LEADS launches a new logo and tagline that introduces a re-imaging of itself that captures an essence of the vibrancy through colours of our vision and ethos, whilst retaining the simplicity of LEADS and incorporating our organisational culture and approach to our work

A group of youth volunteers organized an event to celebrate the Children's Day at Kadella this October adding colour to the place and shouts of joyful laughter that echoed for days.

Together with Angelo Pereira LEADS produced a drama on the issue of Child Sexual Abuse in the country. The drama was part of an advocacy campaign 'A Girl today, A Woman tomorrow' aimed at reducing violence against children & women.

Anujan's story is only one tale of the success of a community development program in Trincomalee district. There are many such stories found in the village of Navatchcholai where he is a member of the child club. 

The National Partnership to End Violence Against Children (NPEVAC) in Sri Lanka was launched on 2 June 2017 in Colombo. The event saw the participation of UN agencies, international organizations, civil society, faith groups, and the private sector. LEADS was represented by the CEO and several of its staff members at this important occasion that marks collaborative effort towards ending violence against children.

LEADS carried out a month-long relief program in Bulathsinhala and Palindanuwara DS divisions in Kalutara. Nearly a thousand people benefited through LEADS interventions in the district.

Torrential rains and mudslides have affected 629,704 people in 15 districts across Sri Lanka. LEADS is responding in three of the worst-hit districts - Ratnapura, Matara & Kalutara.

For fifty plus caregivers heading various Child Development Centers in Colombo, Gampaha and Kaluthara districts in the Western Province, this was a special occasion.

LEADS staff members took time off work In April 2017 to spend in quiet reflection on their spiritiual and professional lives and also to bond together as one big family.

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Today, almost 22 years later, it still remains one of the few organizations wholly dedicated to working with and for children who have been traumatized through experiences.... + learn more