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In a 3-year project done in Kuchaveli and Thampalakamam DS divisions of Trincomalee district LEADS supported close upon a thousand differently-abled persons by empowering them with skills and confidence.

As Mahatma Gandhi once said "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will". Differently-able people are faced with a myriad of challenges due to their deformities. But those who get support from society manage to do normal things in their daily life and much more when inspired to do so.

Subashi Jayamini (10) is being the change-agent in her family, her keen interest in studies and exemplary behavior has set the standard for the younger siblings.

We asked her how this change took place over the two year period in Subashi Jayamini’s life.

When the project was started I was among 60 children selected to be child partners from my village. Both my sister and I were given attention from that point onwards. We are members of the Challenge Child Club where we were taught new things like cleanliness, nutrition and good habits. Because of our involvement my mother started to attend committee meetings of the Child Club and taking up responsibilities”. 

Many children drop-out of formal schooling because of lack of transport in the rural villages. The gift of bicycles come in handy, not only does it enable the child to get to school s/he can take another child - a sibling or a neighbour easing the situation further.

An MoU between LEADS and the Chief Secretary of Northern Provincial Council was signed on 27th November 2015 as a result of continued efforts towards establishing of a Children’s Respite Home in the North.

Killinochchi was devastated by the war with infrastructure damage that is still being slowly rebuilt. There are few schools and the long distance that children have to travel, the lack of public transport, poor roads etc make it very difficult for parents to send their children to school. In addition, 95% of the families in these areas are very poor. The schools have limited facilities and good teachers are in short supply.

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Today, almost 22 years later, it still remains one of the few organizations wholly dedicated to working with and for children who have been traumatized through experiences.... + learn more