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KEDELLA, our Respite Therapeutic Centre, saw a burst of colour and activity on the 30th March 2016 as the twelve children who have come to the end of their three month residential counselling period, prepared to celebrate the Sinhala and Tamil New Year (Avurudu). The premises was decorated with paper flowers made by the children themselves and looked festive in every way.

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Clad in their new outfits, the children were beaming with joy as the day had finally arrived where they could showcase their talents. They greeted LEADS boardmembers and staff, with bright smiles.

Prior to the day, long hours of practice and preparation went into each of the performances which included drama, song and dance. Because of the event the children were able to identify many hidden talents and test their capacities. The staff at LEADS were equally excited to witness these performances and spend time with the children, enjoying a breakfast of typical Avurudu food.

The rest of the day was filled with various Avurudu games. The day drew to a close with a common birthday party for the children and distribution of gifts. As some children had never celebrated their birthdays, this experience was one of the happiest and most memorable!

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