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 LEADS believe in initiatives that empower families and individuals to change their lives.  One such initiative was the provision of cattle to needy families in the district of Kilinochchi.Change for the better is not always quick or flashy. In this case, the provision of a cow to a family in Kilinochchi in 2012, when partnered with that family’s own investment and hard work, has now led to a sustainable source of income for Anthony Peter and his family.


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I am Antony Peter, age 40 lives in Maruthanagar, Kilinochchi. We received a cow with a male kid from LEADS in 2012. The cow gave us 12 Litres of milk per day and we sold it to milk collecting center where LEADS supported in Kanangapuram" said the beneficiary.  


"We sold its male kid to a good price.   Now we collect milk from the second birth female cow.  It gives 6 to 8 Litres of milk per day and able to earn 20,000 LKR per month. I have three children, two of them are school going and other one is at home and helps me in my livelihood" he added. 


Community trasnformation interventions carried out in support of livelihoods of the communities is guided by the principals of right-based and holistic approach. Because of this our work is constantly engaging the local government authorities and government services. The people are encouraged to raise  issues with relavant parties and have them attended to, opposed to lamenting on misgivings. Rather than solving their problems they are encouraged to seek solutions themsleves.


LEADS work in most part of Northern Sri Lanka addressing the needs of the communities in four of the five districts. LEADS serves these areas from its district office in Kilinochchi. In Addition a special wing of the Child Protection unit has recently been started in Jaffna through which the entire northern and eastern region is been served.


Our work is supported by financial assistance from several donor agencies who share our mission.





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