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The growing reach of the Internet, social media and the rapid spread of mobile information and communications technologies (ICTs) have presented increased potential for cyber violence against women and girls.

So gefaehrlich ist Cyber Mobbing ArtikelQuerSri Lanka was the first country in South Asia to ratify the Budapest Cybercrime Convention (November 2001) the only international treaty on cybercrimes that seeks to address cyber-crimes by harmonizing national laws and improving investigative techniques.

However cyber mobbing as it is known is an astonishing forms of cybercrime targeted via smart phones Hans Billimoria (Head of Grassrooted Trust )  in his research on the prevalence of cyber exploitation among youth and school children in Sri Lanka revealed that since 2015, around 70 girls from different schools in Colombo approached the organization about being blackmailed because of naked pictures and videos they had shared with their boyfriend.

In a society well protected by layers of culture and tradition a horrible menace of home-grown porn is taking root in the new generation. Lose morals and values influenced by sexually explicit films and song videos are making boys demand from their girlfriends, ‘nudes’ or naked pictures of private body parts as tokens of love. And surprising the girls are giving in as show of amour. The very same girls who unsuspectingly procured shameful pictures and videos are later driven to suicidal rage and blackmail by those who peddle the materials across social media and web databases.

Phone applications such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram and secret Facebook along with many other apps are some of the common social media tools utilized to garner explicit material. The sheer power of networking found in social media allows sharing, storing and viral distribution if necessary.

LEADS an organization that has been deeply rooted in the interest of children’s wellbeing, addressing issues of child abuse and child neglect is planning on taking a third dimension to their interventions. Children and youth are easily lured by modern gadgetry – smart mobile phones and applications. Often the parents are not in par with their children’s usage of mobiles as technologies are advancing at lightning speed. Meanwhile laws are stagnant and law enforcement authorities all too complacent, doing nothing while a larger number of school children are already reported to have fallen victims to the perils.

We believing including prevention against cyber exploitation, delivering age-appropriate relationship education to adolescents.

Any culture that struggles with notions of shameful nakedness allows for this violence. Cyber exploitation must be understood within the framework of gender-based and intimate partner violence. At the root of this lies an intrinsic perception of the value and place of girls and women in our society that treats them as lesser persons or even objects of sexual pleasure. Ultimately, gender equity must be our focus. Human dignity through education must be our collective goal, and human dignity has no place for shame.


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