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People ask how can a person abuse a child? I ask how can so many good people not do anything about it?

Niranjan 3Niranjan C Figurado has joined LEADS as Goodwill Ambassodor having served the corporate sector as an investment banker for over 30 years. His uninterrupted service with the global banking giant Deutsche Bank AG reached its pinnacle with his becaming a Director and the Head of Fixed Income & Currencies Sri Lanka. He was part of the country corporate management team and was responsible for the Markets Trading business of the Sri Lanka franchise. In addition to his corporate duties he was the country coordinator for all Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects during 2010-15.

It is when he was the CSR coordinator for Deutsche Bank AG, Sri Lanka branch, that Niranjan realized his passion to work with the underpriviledged and marginalized sections of society. His interest was particularly to work with the children in whose hands lies the future of the nation. 

Upon taking a career break in 2017, Niranjan was seeking an opportunity to work pro-bono for a worthy cause. The decision to work with LEADS was an easy one once he realised their salient achievements. The pioneering work done by the Child Protection division to eradicate child sexual abuse, child prostituition and exploitation drew me to LEADS he says. I noted that while LEADS being a Christian faith based NGO favours no one based on color, race or belief when serving the communities he adds. These were the key factors that convinced Niranjan to support LEADS in their unsung services to the nation.

Looking forward as LEADS Goodwill Ambassador Niranjan will foucs on raising the organizations profil and developing sustainable partnerships with corporates and individuals who are willing to support the organization's mission. Expressing his sincere concern for the children, Niranjan said 'I believe the statistics on sexual violence against children (and women) is a gross understatement for many social and political reasons. However every child (and woman) has the right to live in a society free from any form of violence. It is our moral duty to protect these rights for them'.

Child abuse cast a shadow of the length of a lifetime. I believe prevention is always better than cure.

It is time that all of us join hands together to make this country a safe place for every child and woman. Awareness and prevention is the way to achieve this. Then the key question one should ask is 'Am I doing my part to help?'

It is never too late to start, today!

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Today, almost 22 years later, it still remains one of the few organizations wholly dedicated to working with and for children who have been traumatized through experiences.... + learn more