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A group of youth volunteers organized an event to celebrate the Children's Day at Kadella this October adding colour to the place and shouts of joyful laughter that echoed for days.

Childrens day 2017 2A home like no other, a home of love & care, a home that nurtures children and youth. This home is called 'Kadella' because like a nest the center offers special services of care to restore lives of those who are survivors of child abuse. When a group of youth volunteers got together to make Sunday, 1st October a special day to commemorate children at Kadella they were in for a big surprise. 

Every one from the littlest to the oldest inmate was dressed in their Sunday-best and were full of earnest - their curious faces a reflection of many a questions. Since the morning was packed with games outdoors the children started to mingle with the youth. They joined in for musical chairs, treasure hunts, obstacle races and many other games and tricks the organizers had planned. There were gifts too for those who won races. Then again there were gifts for each and everyone.

For the first time the children had enjoyed face painting. Although the exhilerating games had washed most of the paint they were beaming with hapinness.

The children sat down for treats of delicious food - a buffet of goodies fit for a king. Later they joined hands and sang and danced to music streaming from a stereo set. The carers and visitors also joined in - no one was amiss or shy. As the children tumbled on the lawn and shared comments of the days celebrated one was heard to say that this was the first in many years  she had laughed - laughed till my belly hurt, and the sides were hurting she said. She sighed and let her hair fall back to reveal a happy face gleaming with pure joy. 

The youth group were the happiest considering the many options they had in spending that Sunday morning. Nazreen Ramzi a member of the organizing team said:

'Spending time with children at LEADS Therapeutic Center was indeed a blessed experience. To be able to witness a smile on faces that were full of despair (given their circumstances) was a gift indescribable. Help comes in may forms and I believe that volunteering is one way to accompalish what we are supposed to do in this lifetime. We are but one big human-family and are needing each other's comfort'.

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