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Leads Logo N

The new logo depicts four elements of wellbeing of life in triangulated coloured form.

Orange = New beginnings, new horizons, enthusiasm, determination, stimulation, encouragement and happiness.
Blue = The characteristics of LEADS as an organisation of depth, stability, trust, loyalty, calm and caring.
The Translucent Cross = Denoting our faith based identity and motivation of our service while retaining purity and transparency.

The name of LEADS reflected in simple, flowing and modern fonts used in lower case to reflect flexibility, agility, adaptability and simplicity.

Leads Tagline Colour

Our new tagline “Every Step Counts”, communicates the sense that every little counts. Every step LEADS takes in a community or in the life of a child counts. Every step the child takes, or the community takes towards a specific goal counts.  It expresses the value of the smallest efforts made on its behalf or together with LEADS. Nothing is too small. Every step a supporter or partner takes in volunteerism, in contributing towards LEADS counts. Each of these steps continue to fulfil the long-term value proposition that in touching lives, transforming communities and building the nation.

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Today, almost 22 years later, it still remains one of the few organizations wholly dedicated to working with and for children who have been traumatized through experiences.... + learn more