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Consequences of Easter Sunday bombings resulted in the death of many victims, leaving any survivors traumatized, some injured and some displaced in the wake of the Easter Sunday bombings. Communal violence and retaliation emerging from these attacks have forced 700 existing foreign asylum seekers to leave their houses to safer locations. Currently, these communities seek refuge in the Negombo police station premises and some in community centres.

In response to this situation, we are collaborating to provide immediate support to these communities. We are working to uphold their basic rights by providing care packs for families and activity packs for children, with psycho social support to the survivors and community to follow.

A timeline of our journey of restoration following the attacks so far


Week 01 May 2019

Child survivors of the Easter Sunday Tragedy at the Katuwapitiya church in Negombo received 250 activity packs including colouring books and toys which were handed over to the Priest-in-Charge of the Church.

Our staff joined with the church-appointed assessment teams and conducted household visits to verify needs of survivor families in Katuwapitiya, Negombo. Subsequent to speaking to the families we formulated a suitable action plan which is currently under implementation.

We distributed 100 Hygiene packs in partnership with ZOA to Asylum seekers sheltered in the Negombo Police Station premises and Pasyala mosque premises to help meet their basic needs and reduce the risk of disease.


Week 02 May 2019

We distributed 164 activity packs to children among the refugees at the Pasyala Muslim Community Centre and 41 activity packs to the children at the Negombo Police Station premises because it is important that they stay actively engaged in recreational activities at this time.


Week 03 May 2019

We handed over 300 care packs along with 100 activity packs to those affected by the attack on the Katuwapitiya church.

30 care packs and activity packs were given to refugees at the Periyamulla camp in Negombo.


Week 04 May 2019

Activity packs and care packs, 150 of each were handed over to the Zion Church in Batticaloa.

We visited the refugees at the Pasyala Muslim Community Centre for a time of games and activities. They were briefed upon the importance of maintaining their personal hygiene and educated on the message of child protection through a line-up of songs, skits and games. Simultaneously, the adults were given self-care advice.

During this visit, we provided them with 25 activity packs, 150 toddler packs, women’s hygiene items as well as 55 dolls and toy cars for children.

8 sports equipment were given to refugees at the Negombo Police station so that they would stay active by engaging in sports and fitness activities more regularly.


Week 01 June 2019

Hygiene items for women such as shampoo, sanitary napkins, sewing kits etc., were delivered in bulk to the refugee camp in Pasyala.




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