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“Creating a harmonious community active and aware on issues of justice and peace by value sharing and training among all conflicting communities” is what LEADS aims to do through this intervention.

It was Niemoller who said when I looked for someone “ speak for me, there was none” . LEADS believes that the voice of the voiceless is the responsibility of those with a voice. Rather than cursing the darkness LEADS seeks to light a candle of hope. We understand that poverty alleviation does not simply stop at provision of services but also has to address the root causes of poverty that often lie with inadequate policy or rights denied. In the midst of many issues and rights denied to vulnerable communities LEADS picks issues of advocacy with care. Issues related to basic rights and cross cutting issues (ex HIV/Aids) are key areas we seek involvement. Given the results of 30 year long ethnic conflict that has further contributed to poverty and come as an obstacle to development, LEADS also engages in grass root level peace building initiatives and mid level interventions to facilitate this process.

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Today, almost 22 years later, it still remains one of the few organizations wholly dedicated to working with and for children who have been traumatized through experiences.... + learn more