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Post conflict Rehabilitation

Rasuwasantha, in his early twenties, is now the head of a 9 member family living in a small remote village called Nawakiri in the Jaffna district. They were one big happy family living on their agriculture income which sufficed to meet their daily needs and also help them have good savings as well. They owned a large area of agricultural land and it was buzzing with busy labourers reaping the harvest during the harvesting seasons.

Yet, their lives took a turn for the worst having gone to visit some relations in the Vanni. While enjoying their time with their relatives, they never imagined what was to come, as unfortunately they were trapped by the sudden out break of war and had no way of getting out of the Vanni as it was too dangerous. During this time their struggles were countless and with the increasing tension and armed forces moving in, they fled for their lives kilometre after kilometre. Finally they were evacuated to the IDP camps in Manik Farm where they took refuge for a little over a year.They returned in 2009 minus their father who died at the camp due to  succumbing to his injuries caused by shelling during their flight for safety.

There was nothing left of their home except just a bare land when they returned. They had lost everything they had tirelessly worked for.It was during such a hopeless situation that LEADS provided them with a pack of agriculture support – Seeds and a water pump. Having received the items they are determined to put aside the past and start anew. Thangeswaran, her son, Rasuwasantha, a university graduate is in charge of the cultivation land and together with the support of a few labourers have cleared the land prepared it for cultivation. “The onion seeds planted have reaped 5 fold and it’s a great encouragement to us to regain ourselves and re-build our home” he says with a smile.  The family is presently living in their uncle’s home but has plans to rebuild their house from the earnings they receive bit by bit. Indeed this healing process will take place one step one day at a time but one that they are determined to achieve  

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Today, almost 22 years later, it still remains one of the few organizations wholly dedicated to working with and for children who have been traumatized through experiences.... + learn more