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Brief Introduction of LEADS

In response to the disaster caused by the cyclone in the East coast of Sri Lanka LEADS, began its work in 1979 as a relief agency.

On March 25th 1983, LEADS was formally established to partner with other likeminded organizations to develop and implement programmes that will alleviate human suffering and promote wholeness. Consequent to the 1983 ethnic riot, rehabilitation too was undertaken by LEADS. In connection with this began the programme of resettlement & provision of cost-effective shelter.

A field, which LEADS pioneered in Sri Lanka and were listed in the Directory of the Ministry of Housing, of low-cost housing technology. In 1985, the agency received charity status by incorporation through an act of Parliament and was registered as an NGO with the government. Presently LEADS functions as a registered Social Service, Charitable Organization, with an audited statement of Accounts for each year.  LEADS are currently working in thirteen districts in Sri Lanka.

In 1995 in response to the growing threat of paedophiles using Sri Lanka as a base, ESCAPE (Eradicating Sexual Child Abuse Prostitution and Exploitation) - a special child protection unit was set up by LEADS with the array of services to marginalised communities.



Niranjan 3

'People ask how can a person abuse a child? I ask how can so many good people not do anything about it?' 

Niranjan C. Figurado
LEADS Goodwill Ambassador


LEADS together with several others working in this field facilitated and advocated for the inauguration of the NCPA (National Child Protection Authority), the first deputy chairman of NCPA was a seconded staff member of LEADS.Presently ESCAPE functions as the Child Protection division of LEADS and touches and transforms the lives of at least 400 individuals and their families through the family therapy & services project.

We run the only government registered safe house for the therapeutic counselling of the children as a model that is linked with the Judicial system and 90% of the referrals are through the courts or the National & Provincial Probation and child care services.   We also conduct awareness programs on the Prevention of Child Abuse to staff of child care homes, pre-school teachers, children, parents and care givers. In addition to producing various resources for this sector.

LEADS Financial reports are verified by the following audit firms.

External Auditor: PricewaterHouseCoopers

Internal Auditor: KPMG

Project Auditor: Ernst & Young


Our Mission

LEADS Mission Jul 2018

Where your money goes?

The funding you provide goes straight into projects and not into the hands of individuals. As we have a list of running projects as a donor you can choose which project you are most keen on supporting. Each project you aid we will be giving you detail reports so that you will be updated and know exactly what is happening.